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It's a long way from the cradle to Carnegie Hall

- John Diamond M.D. -

“This is probably the most important learning that I have ever experienced as a music educator and I think it should be made available to more and more teachers..”

— Primary School Music Specialist

Music Engagement Program
Outreach Philosophy

Georgia Pike has been trained in outreach approaches since the age of 12.  The particular practical philosophy practiced by Georgia, of sharing the arts for the benefit and wellbeing of others, is founded on the philosophies of Dr John Diamond, founder of the Institute of Music and Health, New York. This approach was then applied to the school system by Dr Susan West, founder of the Music Engagement Program (of which Georgia is now Convenor).  West describes the approach as a Music Outreach Principle, where individuals are encouraged to share their music with others with a helpful intention of mutual and community wellbeing. This intent is exercised not just from ‘teacher’ to ‘student’ but is passed on from individual to individual so that all music making ‘reaches out’ in an on-going cycle.


The aim of the Music Outreach Principle is to allow all participants to be both givers and receivers of music through helping others to engage in music making. All participants become facilitators in shared music making.  The approach is utilised by programs in the United States, the UK and New Zealand, as well as in Australia through the Music Engagement Program based at the Australian National University.


Georgia continues to learn from and collaborate with Diamond (now in his 83rd year), and West, to continue the development of the philsophy and its application.  Her particular contribution includes the application of these apporaches to teenaged students and migrant populations, as well as its use in the prevention and alleviation of performance anxiety.

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